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We would like to tell you
Marenova's short story.

Marenova was created in 2006 to amalgamate our decades of experience in different online skills and dominate the digital space.
When you partner with Marenova, you’ll know you’ve chosen the right agency. Marenova partners with growing businesses...
Marenova is Istanbul's freshest creative agency. The company was founded in 2006 by Mert AŞAR. Our mission was to create the kind of company...
Your Web Partner

Your Web Partner

web design

Web Design

  • We turn your vision into reality.
  • Your business is growing.
  • Your website should fuel that growth.
  • We design beautiful websites
  • that move your business forward.
web development

Web Development

  • Dream It, We'll Build It
  • Our web technical skills run deep.
  • We’ve built everything: member databases,
  • complex e-commerce platforms, search and
  • match systems, and private social networks.
digital marketing

Digital Marketing

  • Our digital marketing services include
  • strategy and planning, SEO, paid advertising,
  • lead generation, content marketing, social
  • media marketing. We create long-term
  • digital marketing plans to drive qualified leads.
Latest News

Latest News

Make your dreams come true
Make your dreams come true Marenova Bilişim

Make your dreams come true

We professionally develop ASP.NET MVC applications for all kinds of websites and mobile websites. We create the most accurate database system with data modeling. We write code that will make your dreams come true. The right strategy used with the right tool can produce incredible results. Marenova is a team of dedicated engineers who are obsessed with producing these results. If you need help finding the right software to go online, grow your business online, or run you...

Best Content Management Software
Best Content Management Software Marenova Bilişim

Best Content Management Software

Use Supersite for the best CMS software for your business.Supersite is an Asp.NET content creation platform that is a user-friendly editor for websites.It allows you to easily publish content across platforms. Our customers choose us because of the flexibility and stability of our content modeling and content delivery. Web content management allows you to manage all processes of creating, publishing, organizing, sharing, storing and reporting all text, visual, audio and...

Why Choose Marenova
Why Choose Marenova Marenova Bilişim

Why Choose Marenova

We know that building a complex website is sometimes difficult and requires programming knowledge. Since MARENOVA brings it together with many programmers and developers, it can offer basic programming support for free. These services include basic debugging, simple code correction, and programming consulting. We do our best to guide you through your programming needs. Instead of using shortcut tactics based on the latest al...